We strive to encourage the women of Cayuga County to become active in local, state, and national politics.  We provide opportunities and connections for women looking to serve on the Democratic Committee, work on political campaigns, and we also actively recruit female candidates and provide volunteer and training support for their campaigns.

Interested in becoming involved?  Contact us at:  DWCCinfo@gmail.com

A letter to our members:

Dear Democratic Women,

Since the November 2016 election, we have witnessed a sea change in the position of women in American politics. From the outrage over the Access Hollywood tapes highlighting Donald Trump’s “attitude” toward women, to the empowering high of our first and second annual Women’s Marches and the resulting 18-fold increase in women contacting Emily’s List about running for office, American politics have changed for good. The Democratic Women of Cayuga County is an organization committed to this change at the local level.

The DWCC had an active election year. We started with a “de-briefing breakfast” the Saturday after Trump’s election to gather our wits and recommit to our purpose. We then sponsored a very successful “Stand with Planned Parenthood” event in June, sponsored a fundraising event for democratic women candidates in September, and actively worked to elect these women candidates on the City and County levels.

In a first for Cayuga County, we have two women on the Democratic-controlled Cayuga County Legislature (a small, but meaningful change) and have retained our 50/50 gender balance on the 100% Democratic Auburn City Council. While we did not win all our races with women candidates, we made significant encroachments into traditional Republican male-controlled territory, which bodes well for future candidates. Additionally, the DWCC has actively recruited women candidates to serve on our Cayuga County Democratic Committee, which is now 40% women!

We are committed to continuing our effort to elect Democratic women. To do so, we need your support. Since our mailing list far exceeds our current member list, we have decided to move to a donor-based stream of revenue. To facilitate giving, you may use the Paypal Donor button on our website.  With your help, we will double down on our efforts to support women and men who support gender equity in the all-important mid-term elections.

Thank you for your past support. Help us make 2018 a better year for all.


Ellen Dello Stritto, President

Democratic Women of Cayuga County